Challenging the Draft London Plan on equalities and affordability



Along with others from the community planning group Just Space, three of us from Our Tottenham got to speak at the Examination in Public of the Draft London Plan on Wednesday.

We got a chance to talk about the struggle at Wards Corner and the success of the Lordship Rec. Community-led planning is the best way forward.

We challenged the London Plan’s map which marks out poorer and mixed income areas for ‘physical regeneration’.

A corridor running through Tottenham, Edmonton and East Enfield is at the top of the list.

Where the Draft Plan speaks vaguely of the need for boroughs to ‘understand the demographics of communities and their needs’, we called instead for the completion of robust Housing Needs Surveys.

Placing on the public record that Haringey’s most recent Housing Needs Survey showed that local black people are disadvantaged by a reliance on shared ownership housing, we then called on the Mayor to be big enough to change his affordable housing policy in response to this research evidence.

This was a very positive session, with the GLA admitting that ‘regeneration has become a dirty word’, but then claiming that with this Plan, things are somehow going to be different.

The Examination will be continuing for several weeks, and we look forward to future sessions, which will show big gaps in the arguments that the Mayor’s team are putting forward.


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