Northumberland Park Decides – Meeting

Northumberland Park Decides – Meeting
7.00 pm, Thursday 3rd August

St Paul’s (C of E) Church, 60 Park Lane, Tottenham, N17 0JR
On the corner of Vicarage Road and Park Lane, near the Spurs ground

• The Northumberland Park Decides group is very concerned about the plan to knock down more than 1,417 homes. The planned new homes are mostly for better-off people from outside the area.

• There is a Legal challenge being mounted against the HDV company being set up to do the demolitions.

• The Council promises that residents will have a Right to Return after the demolitions, but the HDV says there’s NO Right to Return in its business plans. The HDV expects house prices and private rents to ‘leapfrog’ in this area – and so local people would be priced-out.

• Council promises to housing association tenants are being Disowned by the HDV.


Come along to this meeting – all are welcome


• We are planning an Open air party on Saturday 2nd September.
• Do you have any questions about the demolition and rehousing plans?
• Private homes and businesses are set to be demolished, alongside the council estate.
• The HDV wants more redevelopment around Northumberland Park, including part of the Florence Hayes Recreation Ground, and Nutfield Close – which is in Enfield Borough.
• The plan is to open up Farningham Road and Almond Road, to make them through-roads for traffic.
• A big local ‘No permission for demolition’ march is set for Saturday 23rd September.


People all around London are watching what’s happening in North Tottenham – people can see the property developers taking over, and they don’t like what they see.

All comments and feedback are welcome.

Kind regards

Paul Burnham
Secretary, Haringey Defend Council Housing
07847 714 158


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