When the rich ask for millions more, public authorities jump to it. That is just wrong.



Haringey Council have issued a press statement denying that they have given Spurs £30.5 million for its podium at the new Stadium.

But the statement is silent about what actions Haringey took in response to Spurs’ request for the £30.5 million.

We ask these questions of Haringey and the Greater London Authority about their relations with Spurs:

• It is clear from the slide presentation to the District Auditor on 19th April that Haringey and the GLA tried to provide the £30.5 million public funding that Spurs asked for. Why didn’t they just say No?

• Why were Haringey Council and the GLA ever considering providing public sector housing funding for the podium?

• Did the GLA offer Haringey a loan facility for the podium, and if so, why?

• Why can’t the GLA offer funding for investment in council housing in Haringey instead, both for buildings and for communities?

• £7.5 million has been paid by Haringey to Spurs this year for public realm and heritage improvement works, according to the Haringey Council statement. Why should Spurs receive any funding at all from Haringey, while Spurs have enough money to buy up property all around North Tottenham, to use as ‘Ransom’ holdings both to influence council policy, and also to demand huge and unjustified benefits for themselves?

While local people face cuts to services, house demolitions and social cleansing.

The slides that were released under the Freedom of Information Act show that when the rich ask for millions more, public authorities jump to it. That is just wrong.





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